Testimonials (from yelp!)

  • Steve S.

    These guys do good work, and not only is the work done well and within budget, but its done on time. I've been servicing my motorycycles there for about 3 years. They completely rebuilt a dirtbike (rm125) motor for me, have done reliable oil changes and mounted tires on streetbikes. I normally do my own oil changes, but didn't want to mess with taking the fairings off of my new gixxer, they do it while you wait. Tires get a discount on mounting if you buy them at CycleGear, and they often have tire sales and unbeatable tire prices there. 5 stars.

  • L.S.

    Absolutely the best!!! Everytime I come in they take great care of me and my bike, from oil and tire changes to body and engine work (I may have tossed my bike a time or two....). The staff are meticulous and easy to work with, and they definitely know what they're doing. They pay attention to detail and they are willing to talk you through any particulars you might be interested in. There are never any complications or hidden costs or extra fees: these guys are honest, straightforward and reasonable.  Plus their prices are great!!
    I recommend this shop to anyone looking for get great service at a great price. I will never take my bike anywhere else..

  • Patrick M.

    They are really friendly guys, and know what they are doing! I am a motorbike nut and use them for tire mounting/balancing, and other mechanical tasks that are beyond my expertise and/or tools. I highly recommend Spec-1 to all my motorcycling friends and they have all had similar happy experiences with them!

  • Paul L.

    This is a GREAT little gem to have in my hood ! I have between 6 and 12 bikes at any
    given time , from riders to restores to ground up home growns! I have brought lots of tires and wheels to them to swap out , they are meticulous ,professional and always make time for you . I have gone there for advice , they have let me look through their boxes of valve shims for a project I was doing , recently were very fair lacing up some wheels I was building , and just have the "we're happy to have your business " attitude, which unfortunately is not always the case now days ! Very fair ,normal guys to deal with !!! Paul L. (p.s.) they are right behine cycle gear so you can order tires from cycle gear ,go pick them up and drop your bike off or the wheels for changing tires right there . I have talked to lots of cycle gear customers that didn't know they were right around back !!! (same building !)

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